To the mother in each one of us

For strong women and those who want to be

Have you ever realized what happens if you don’t wake up the next morning? Or the cough you had last night may turn out to be a deadly disorder the very next day. Or the lump you were feeling on your back turns out to be a pernicious tumor?

Sounds scary, right?

Well, I’m scared too.

I have cells and tissues taken from a human embryo’s kidney, an adult’s pancreas or bones or neural cells from brain. I work with tumor samples taken from patients and try to grow them in optimal laboratory conditions to study its tumorigenicity. Maybe, by studying that how did this tumor form in the first place, I can figure out how to prevent its formation, altogether. Who knows, while working tirelessly on it, one day I can find the antidote to this entire phenomena.

Isn’t it remarkable?, the cells which were a part of a living person till yesterday, now becomes a mass of cells growing in the incubator of my lab. The entity which had an identity till yesterday, becomes just an unnamed peculiarity waiting to be explored.

While, I use all my biotechnology skills to make these cells grow, I happen to develop a solicitous relationship with them. They become a part and parcel of my life, something I see the first in the morning and last in the night. I spend days and weeks trying to figure out what happens to those normal and healthy cells and tissues abruptly that it costs someone’s life.

I try to mimic the environmental niche of these cells that could have led them to become so aggressive that it ruptured everything on its way. While, they learn to grow and proliferate outside their safe haven, to my dismay, they do not form tumors now. What has changed now? Did I not simulate its conditions when they are present inside a living human?

To whichever length, Science has progressed in culturing cells outside a human body, I tried to give it all to these tiny creatures, just like a nurturing mother does. She gives everything she has and everything she can in her power to bring out the best in her child. Subsequently, a connection develops between them which is far along any language barrier. I think I developed that fondness too towards these cells. After weeks of testing my immense patience and generosity, they start behaving normally, taking up nutrients, staying healthy and dividing just as they should.

They seem so obedient as if they are my kids who listen to everything I say.

Then there are days when they don’t grow at all and become quiescent. I spend weeks to provide them with rich nutrients and pamper them in whichever way they can take, just so that they can grow and divide. I change their culture media everyday so that no amount of debris can interfere with their growth. I provide them with growth supplements like an agonizing mother concerned for her child’s growth. They don’t take up any nutrients as if they are mad at me for giving more attention to that Netflix movie and not to them.

Few months later, one random day, to my astonishment, they mimic the way they are supposed to initially, they become voracious, bulky, aggressive, proliferate like no one else can and become the wildest tumor one can ever imagine. I don’t know why they do that, are they capricious? Or are they overwhelmed by the way I’ve treated them in the past. I’m still trying to figure it out.

I feel a sense of motherhood around them, like they are my own kids. I customized them with genetic engineering and saw them growing in front of my eyes, I adored them, invested my time and money on them. When they don’t listen to me or conceive the treatment I give, I get mad at them for being so erratic, just like any other mother would. I feel like throwing those cells away, for it is just being a parasite on me. But just like a mother cannot disown her own child despite it being the notorious one, even I couldn’t gather the tenacity to discard my cells.

The most magical day of my life was when I became a mother and the Science I do gave me this beautiful gift

Then, there are days when I think they get mad at me too for being punitive to them by not taking up any of the growth regulator I provide them with, just like a teenager would never listen to their Mom. They grow prodigiously with an insatiable hunger inside them. No matter, what drug I treat them with, nothing stops them from becoming deadly beasts.

Sometimes, my children think I’m getting on their back. What they don’t understand is I’m the only one who has their back

And when in their later stages, they realize what their Mom was relentlessly trying to do with them was right in all the angles, they become what they were destined to be.

And that’s my holy job to raise the kids I didn’t even give birth to but was blessed to feel the motherhood around them. I try to learn while they grow and pass through all the developmental stages. I think our relationship is mutualism, where I shed my sweat to provide them with an environment to feed on, to grow and proliferate, while, in turn they become my subject of study. If I get successful in this venture, I don’t know how to thank them, but if I do not, I should learn how to apologize to them. In either of the roads, they become an important lesson contributing to my paramount knowledge and bestowing me with an infinite optimism of Motherhood.

This is a very long way, seems like an endless path. I’m sometimes unable to comprehend what question I’m actually answering to in my research or whether this process will actually be able to solve anything. All of this seems hazy, because our findings never meet our expectations, and that’s what Science is all about- a beautiful mystery.

But what I do know is I’m preparing myself and attempting to answer the family who lost a loved one without any reason or a body lying in the morgue room of a hospital waiting to know what happened to it one fine day. How do these deadly tumors take a heavy toll on our lives?

Whether I’m able to answer or not, this panorama is worth witnessing!

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