Is it okay to hate the people you work with?

I don’t know what I want in my life, I just want to be a person who is happy and gets to sleep peacefully at night. Nothing more, nothing less.

They say a person is known by the company he keeps. That’s true! You develop a personality influenced by the people around you. The way they think, the way they work, the way they talk etc. seems to have an impact in your life.

Someone once asked me, ‘How do you get to decide what kind of a person someone is?’

I replied, ‘I don’t think academic qualifications define a person. Surely, they will add extra wingets but that’s not the core. The actual way to get to know someone is to see how do they treat others. The people younger than them, less successful than them, people who are struggling to make ends meet. Everyone treat their equals and their hierarchies lovingly and respectfully. It is how you treat the people who are standing lower to you on the ladder of success actually reflects the kind of person you are’.

According to me, someone who focuses only to their growth and success never goes any far. The person who makes sure everyone around them grows together, works as a team to bring something substantial to the table, is more successful than anyone else. This person is what is think is a LEADER.

There are instances when I don’t like the people around me, because we don’t think alike. We’re never on the same page and sometimes I doubt their upbringing too. They tend to lack the basic understanding of ‘How to work out among your colleagues while you’re still working?‘ I comprehend that it is not something as common as ‘common sense‘, but it does surely evinces the kind of person you are and the person you’ll become eventually along this journey.

Though, they say that competition brings out the best in people. I disagree with this perspective, because you’re focusing on only the individualistic growth and not the growth of the team or the organisation you are a part of. As Charles Darwin said, ‘Survival of the fittest‘. This competition will definitely bring out the fittest and the best people existing in the ecosystem, but does the ‘best of all the times‘ ever existed together? Perhaps, the ecosystem will lose its meaning, here.

Look at the bigger picture in life.

Would that be an ideal situation where every individual is helping each other grow, one step every day, one help at a time instead of bashing each other and making everyone feel inferior of themselves. Is that too much to ask for?

I remember sharing a few of such incidents with one of the Senior person in my organization. After minutes of me telling tales of what happened and what didn’t and what should have happened instead, this person just replied, “Been there, done that“. He added, ‘Try to live with it, this happens’. I stood profusely aghast by this response. People like him are the reason that this tormenting tradition of competition within a group exists and proliferate in the generations. Had he ever stood up for this, it wouldn’t have happened again.

I fail to grasp, Why is it so difficult to stay content with your everyday progress?

Why do you need the other person to lose just to make you feel better?

Why do you need a competition to win? Are you afraid to lose?

Why can’t all of us win and still stay sane?

My modus operandi is pretty simple: Why to fail when all of us can succeed?

If someone asks me today, ‘Is it okay to hate the people you work with?

I will reply, ‘It is absolutely fine to feel this. Been there, Done that‘.

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